It all starts with a vacation…

That is the response after asking residents: “What brought you here?”

I am deeply impressed about the stories from people who were on vacation with their parents when the lighthouse wasn’t even built, and I am keen to get to know how they discovered this place!

You may know that the history of Hilton Head Island goes a long way back and was named after Captain William Hilton in 1663, but I am thinking about how this Island became the # 1 island in the USA and the #2 in the world. The success of Hilton Head Island starts with Sea Pines and the story of Sea Pines starts with Charles Fraser.

In 1950, Hilton Head Island had only one paved street and nothing else, not even electricity.

Charles Fraser saw potential in the dense forest leading to the ocean and had the vision of a resort /retirement area. In his master plan for Sea Pines, he established a concept with strict land usage and land-preservation covenants to preserve the environment. In 1958, the first deed was signed, $5,300 for a beachfront lot. It was sold for $9,600 in 1962!

Interesting fact: Sea Pines Real Estate was founded in 1957, as the first real estate company on the island.  Some of our agents can tell first hand stories about that time! For example, how Charles Fraser turned down some buyers because they didn´t meet the high criteria. In 1960, he built himself a home that was not only to live there and entertain guests but an example of his idea of what a Sea Pines house and landscape should look like.  

In the early 1960s, the first condominiums in Sea Pines were built and Sea Pines was no longer just a private residential community but was quickly becoming a resort destination. Visitors became buyers at a time when there was only a swing bridge, one supermarket, and one retired doctor who ran the Sea Pines Medical Center. What a life!

I wasn´t lucky enough to discover this extraordinary place as an “early adopter” – but I found it about 4 years ago and like so many people before me, I fell in love with the island and the Lowcountry. So much so that I moved here a few months later.

Since then, I have been so very happy about my move. It’s one of the best decisions of my life. I try to meet as many people as possible who can tell me more about the island, to explore all the places that tell a story and I am excited to share my experience and help people find the right place when they decide to move.

Today, taking a vacation or living in the Lowcountry is no longer an adventure, it's a wonderful excursion to a unique place where history, activity, nature, culture, and a high quality of life come together. By flipping through the Hilton Head Island 2018 Official Vacation Planner you can see the progress this Island has made in many regards.

But one thing didn´t change: people come for vacation and stay for life!